SAP Hybris Sales

Selling today is on the verge of a revolution, more complex than ever. In each industry, the center of gravity is moving towards the customer, it is the customer who is driving processes, IT frameworks, and adoption of new platforms in each organization.

With digital technologies, customers themselves are better informed, socially-connected and able to switch products, services, and vendors more easily than ever before. Organizations need to be proactive and one step ahead to know customers' unique challenges, their industry, what they like and how to help them achieve their business objectives. More importantly, customers are now starting the buying cycle well before they are engaging with salespeople.

SAP Hybris Sales Cloud equips your salespeople with tools they want to use and helps them sell more effectively anytime and anywhere. It also enables your teams to work together as a well-oiled machine, to shorten sales cycles and ensure revenue predictability.

How we do it

Today's evolved sales ecosystem requires organizations to fundamentally transform their selling engine around two defining principles. First, engage with customers the way they want. It will require omnichannel sales strategy powered by smart digital platforms, which caters to the different needs of first-time and repeat customers.

Second, use advanced analytics to make better decisions with lightning speed. Companies to grow fast has realized the importance of advanced analytics. It will help them to address fundamental strategic issues, such as what sales opportunities to pursue, what resources to allocate to which accounts, and what behaviors to prioritize to drive sales productivity.

Accrete Solutions provides end-to-end services, including solution roadmaps, implementations, integration services, roll-outs, support, upgrades, testing, and package evaluations.

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