The most critical objectives for companies in today’s digital environment is creating a strong customer experience by deploying “effort reduction’’ strategies at each milestone of the customer journey. Effort reduction should be a focus of every company, this means seamless customer interaction from the pre-purchase stage, purchase stage to post-purchase stage and fulfills customer needs with minimal steps or demands. Today customers interact with brands through varied touch points spread across digital platforms. These changes in customer interaction behavior required brands to integrate multiple business functions, and even partners, in creating and delivering positive customer experiences.

How we do it

We agree data is the core of any strategy that will drive customer experience. We integrate all customer information lying in silos across business functions – Marketing, Sales, Service, Support etc., to provide a single view of the customer. We will also connect front-end processes with the back-office supply chain to provide holistic customer experience. Accrete approach is based on ‘’effort reduction’’ methodology which identifies bottlenecks in the seamless interaction between a customer and your organization and utilizes the most robust CRM platform - SAP C/4 HANA.


Success Stories